Cold Press vs Cold Brew

Cold Press Coffee vs Cold Brew – what is the difference?


Bare Cold Press Coffee is a transformative innovation where conventional espresso technology meets the latest cold techniques. This method was developed in 2011 after seeing Cold Brew Coffee start to gain popularity in the American market. It was evident that cold coffee would gain mainstream popularity and eventually make it to the Australian market.

However, noticing that the Australian coffee market was vastly different in flavour preferences (Espresso vs Filter), we embarked on a journey to develop a cold coffee that would suit the Australian palate. Using 2 tonne of hydraulic pressure in a chamber held at artificial altitude, the ground coffee is slowly pressed over 22 hours. Using such extreme pressure achieves lysis, while all of the gases within the pores of the ground coffee are displaced and removed from the chamber’s atmosphere.


With this method, coarsely ground coffee is fully immersed in cold water for up to 18 hours, then finely filtered for consumption. This results in a cold coffee that has a stronger flavour profile (more body and acidity). Utilising this technique results in a brew that has fine sediment in it, without filtration, it can taste more acidic and metallic, however, this is appealing to some customers.


Using the cold pressing method means we extract a sweeter, truly bitter-free Liquid Coffee with lower water-loss and a higher concentration level than any other method. Our process yields more Liquid Cold Press Coffee per kilogram of coffee beans than any other manufacturer.

When compared to the other brewing methods, Cold Press Coffee yields a greater number of compounds in the liquid concentrate, meaning there is an explosion of flavour whilst having unparalleled smoothness. This technique results in a Cold Press Coffee that will last 6 months in refrigeration, without any preservatives.

Bare Cold Press Coffee is created by using outstanding high-quality green beans, sourced from some of the worlds most respected coffee plantations, we have carefully roasted a blend that goes beyond the expectations of many coffee lovers across the globe.